Crystia is a virtual reality asymmetrical multiplayer action game designed for Windows PC with the HTC Vive where the VR player uses magic to fight up to 4 other players playing on connected gamepads or even their own smartphones.

It is the result of my 3-month long student exchange to Trident College of IT in Nagoya, Japan in 2016. The project was co-developed with the local students there as well as students from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

The game was built using the Unity 3D engine.


Grand Prize – Institute for Vocational College Information Technology Education Game Competition 5 – Japan 2017

Roles and Responsibilities

I was the lead Virtual Reality (VR) developer on the game and programmed most of the VR-based features including all the VR attacks (except the icicles), the VR damage trackers and VR defense mechanisms. Additionally, I assisted in other parts of the game such as some of the destructible objects and some of the PC user interface including the respawn screens and end screens.