Developed as my DigiPen first trimester’s game project, Nyoom is an action puzzle game that challenges players to dodge asteroids and manage their fuel to reach the objective and escape.

The game was built with DigiPen’s in-house CProcessing framework.

Download and try it here!

Roles and Responsibilities

As the only person in my 4 person team with prior experience, I took on multiple roles.

Project Management

I served as producer and the technical lead for the team, ensuring that tasks were planned out an on schedule as well as distributing tasks fairly across the team.

Technical Work

I built the base “GameObject” architecture along with rendering abstractions to make building the game easier and more organized. I also built the user interface system, serialization system and level editor.

Game Design

The core game idea was designed, prototyped and tested by me with additional inputs from my team members. Sound design was also my responsibility. I was also responsible for designing and implementing about a quarter of the game’s levels including the tutorial levels.