Tenebris is the 2nd game I developed at DigiPen during my freshman year. Tenebris is a puzzle platformer where players need to take master the powers of switching between light and dark modes to overcome challenges.

The game was built using DigiPen’s in-house Alpha Engine framework.

Download and try the game here!

Roles and Responsibilities

Technical Director

As the technical director for the game project, I oversaw the creation of Technical Design Documents and Developer Guidelines (code style and best practices). I also facilitated code reviews and enforced the development of the game in separate branches.

Technical Work

For Tenebris, I worked with a fellow teammate in designing and implementing a simplified Entity Component System that we dubbed the “Entity Component Runtime” architecture. I also built the game’s rendering abstractions around Alpha Engine’s exposed rendering API.

To speed up development, I also worked on an internal level editor that is not present in the final game. This level editor supported the following features:

  • Drag and drop to spawn objects
  • Move, rotate and scale objects using the mouse
  • Copy and pasting objects
  • Vertically and horizontally aligning objects
  • Object tagging to reference objects in code
  • Level saving and loading

Level Design

While most of the levels were designed and implemented by the game designer, I also designed and implemented 3 levels in the game.